2022 Spring Campaign

Your support is critical to Safe + Sound Somerset achieving its mission to prevent and respond to domestic and sexual violence. Join us and demonstrate that You Believe Survivors with your gift today!

June 2022


Dear Friend,

Mary’s boyfriend berated her in front of her kids and controlled her income and spending. She called our helpline and We Believed Her. We helped her gain control over her finances and secure safety. She and her kids were then able to engage in counseling to heal from the trauma of their experiences.

If a survivor of domestic or sexual abuse requests help, we are there for them. When a survivor overcomes their fears and shame to share their extremely personal and painful stories with us, we listen, offer support and safety planning, and present options for beginning a journey to security, healing, and a life free from abuse.

Safe + Sound Somerset will there when the time is right for the survivor. We will support them when they are ready for us. They are seen and are not alone.

To our friends, we ask you to lis­ten­ and believ­e sur­vivors too. Our soci­ety often blames sur­vivors, but it is nev­er their fault. Domestic and sex­u­al vio­lence hap­pens because the harm doer made that choice.

Jon continued to receive lewd photos and messages on his phone from his ex after asking for them to stop. He told his friend, who sat with him while he called our helpline. We Believed Him. Through our safety planning with Jon, he was able to act and put a stop to the sexual harassment.

Believing a survivor when they tell you that they have experienced domestic or sexual violence is critical. One caring and positive experience of sharing their story can set a survivor on a trajectory toward healing.

You can ensure that we are there to listen to and believe survivors when they are ready to share their experiences of domestic and sexual abuse with a gift to Safe + Sound Somerset.

At Safe + Sound Somerset, our mission is to prevent and respond to domestic and sexual abuse with programs that provide safety, support, and education for individuals, families, and the community. We aid adult and child survivors who have experienced domestic and sexual abuse on their paths to achieving security and healing, and building lives free from abuse.

Any and all of our progressive, survivor-centered services – our 24-hour confidential helpline, emergency safe house, legal and financial advocacy, housing services, and individual and group counseling – are available free of charge to survivors when and if they choose. We also provide education and prevention programs to schools, faith-based organizations, and community groups so they can recognize abuse when they see it and respond by connecting survivors to us for help.

Jane was walking their dog in a park when they were grabbed and thrown to the ground. They fought and screamed. They scared the attacker off but was left with a debilitating fear of going out alone. When Jane called, We Believed Them. Through counseling they were able to engage in the world once again in a mindful and secure way. 

Safe+Sound Somerset impacted the lives of 11,062 individuals in 2021. These numbers represent an increase of 59% overall from 2019 (pre-pandemic era), with direct services growing by 79% and outreach and prevention expanding by 44%.  While working to meet the increased demand for our progressive, survivor-center services, we continue to adapt and expand our programs and services to meet the changing needs of survivors of domestic and sexual violence in today’s world.

We invite you to support Safe+Sound Somerset with a gift to ensure that our progressive, survivor-centered services are available at no charge to those impacted by domestic and sexual abuse.

In gratitude,

Michele E. Boronkas

Chief Executive Officer