SPEAK Outreach & Violence Prevention

Safe+Sound Somerset’s SPEAK Outreach and Violence Prevention utilizes a socio-ecological model of prevention to create change and transform environments. SPEAK reduces violence and promotes safety by providing evidence-informed prevention and intervention programing in Somerset County, increasing the capacity of community members to understand, recognize, and respond to all forms of domestic violence and teen dating violence.

Opportunities for youth engagement are provided through youth-led strategies that apply leadership and empowerment skills aimed at helping participants understand, recognize, and respond to abusive behavior. The program places a special focus on supporting, educating, and transforming high-violence communities, such as Bound Brook and Manville, where adults and youth are at an increased risk of victimization and perpetration.

Community transformation occurs through knowledge and skills building that increases the capacity of professionals, parents/caregivers, and community members to address and prevent violence in their communities. Training is specially tailored to meet the needs of the community and audience being served to ensure effective and applicable tools and information are presented. We do this by engaging parents/caregivers, community members, and professionals such as law enforcement, faith/religious clergy, school personnel, and business professionals in domestic violence and dating violence training that provides the knowledge and tools to recognize, react, and respond. We also attend community events, fairs, and other local events to comprehensively support the community and efforts to reduce and prevent violence.



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