Relating About Dating: Talking to Teens About Healthy Relationships


Just because we are social distancing doesn’t mean that teens have stopped dating. In fact, the current reliance on technology may make a teen’s communication with their partner more constant than ever.

We invite parents and all those who work with and care about adolescents, to join us for a special interactive webinar where we will discuss what a healthy teen relationship looks like, identify the warning signs for dating abuse, and explore ways to talk with them about common unhealthy or abusive behaviors. Based on programs we present to teens in schools, we will share questions from students – and our responses – so that you can see how local teens are thinking about intimate relationships. Parents, teachers, and anyone else who cares for a teen are encouraged to participate.

Presenters: Joelle Piercy, MSS, MLSP, LSW SPEAK Community Outreach Coordinator; Jessica Skultety, SPEAK Community Outreach Associate