Safe+Sound Somerset provides short-term, emergency shelter in our safe house, also known as Victoria’s House, to women and their children who are seeking confidential refuge from an unsafe, abusive living situation. Located in a quiet setting, Victoria’s House is a place of healing with five private bedrooms, a comfortable living space and a common kitchen. There’s a playroom and fenced-in backyard where your children can play in a secure environment. All basic needs such as food, toiletries and clothing are provided to residents of Victoria’s House.

Residents work toward independent living during a 30-day stay that may be extended to 45 or 60 days. Adult residents of Victoria’s House participate in a program that provides empowering tools to establish permanent, abuse-free futures.

  • Trauma-informed counseling, peer support, yoga and meditation promote healing and alleviate anxiety
  • Resources are provided for job seeking, education, resume writing, budgeting and identifying permanent housing
  • Legal advocates assist residents in seeking court orders of protection (restraining orders)

Safe HouseYouth who are entering Victoria’s House receive a welcome bag and an age-appropriate orientation to their temporary home. During their stay, our Residential Youth Program Coordinator completes an assessment for counseling needs, helps the children adjust to their new environment and school and works with parents to address the effects of domestic abuse on their children.

Creative arts, music and play therapy are incorporated into the youth program that’s designed to help break the cycle of violence. Adults and children in Victoria’s House are encouraged to participate in healthy activities such as museum visits, pumpkin picking, gardening and equine therapy.

A separate emergency shelter is available in another location for male survivors of domestic abuse.