One More Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Think Piece

We didn’t want to write this piece. The Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard case has been publicly dissected to the point that everyone has their own opinion of who is right or wrong. Even domestic violence survivors are taking different views – many see themselves in Johnny Depp, and others see themselves in Amber Heard. At Safe+Sound Somerset, we are more concerned with the impacts of the case on survivors than who “won” in court and the media.

The Trauma and Healing of Survivors

At Safe+Sound Somerset, we are seeing the impact of the past few years on the mental health of survivors of interpersonal violence – who’s personal trauma is compounded by systemic and global trauma like the COVID pandemic – and experiencing increased demand for our trauma responsive counseling that helps survivors heal.

How Media Literacy is Preventing Sexual Violence

Safe+Sound Somerset’s newest education program for high school students, Gender and Violence: How Media Shapes Our Culture, aims to prevent sexual abuse and assault among participants. Learn about media literacy’s role in preventing sexual violence and our partnership with with Bound Brook High School to bring this program to their seniors.

The Role of Power & Control in Recent Allegations

Recently our communities were shocked by the news of a lawsuit filed against law enforcement for alleged sexual assaults spanning many years.  Regardless of the outcomes, the traumatic impact of the allegations will have a lasting impact.  This is especially true for the survivors of sexual violence in our communities. At Safe+Sound Somerset, we have seen time and time again, healing in these instances begins with connecting with someone trustworthy to share the pain of the experience.

TDVAM – Talk About It!

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM), a month dedicated to raising awareness about dating abuse, healthy relationships, and available services. In recognition of TDVAM, Safe+Sound Somerset is encouraging everyone to Talk About It!

How We Talk About Domestic and Sexual Violence

“Getting on the Same Page” with a common language can help navigate difficult topics as we grow our community’s capacity to recognize, respond to, and prevent domestic and sexual violence.  In this article, we begin to define the terms we often use in our work with survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Healing for Survivors of Sexual Assault Begins Here

As of October 1st, 2021, Safe+Sound Somerset expanded our trauma-informed services to serve survivors of sexual violence in Somerset County, NJ. This article details how Safe+Sound Somerset is providing adults and children who have experienced sexual assault with the same high-quality services that have been provided to survivors of domestic violence for over 40 years.

Sexual Assault in Domestic Abuse

In this post, we discuss the connection between sexual assault and domestic abuse.

Trigger Warning: References to Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault 

How Media Talks About Violence Impacts Survivors

The media can be a great tool for raising awareness about different types of violence, but oftentimes the way the stories of abuse are covered can be a trigger point for survivors and their families.

Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

Many people think that domestic violence is just physical, but that is not the case. Violence can also be verbal, emotional, sexual, financial, digital, and stalking. Some survivors never experience physical or sexual violence, but these forms of violence are often used as threats.

Learn 7 Warning Signs of domestic abuse and what to do if someone is experiencing any of them.