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How the 2020 Census Helps Your Community


The 2020 Census is currently ongoing, and Safe+Sound Somerset is partnering with the US Census Bureau to make sure that everyone in our community is counted. The data collected from the 2020 census will be used to determine the distribution of over $650 billion to states and counties for programs and agencies such as ours. There are many grants and funds allocated according to population size that impact Safe+Sound Somerset and our clients; just a few of these include the Violence Against Women’s Act grants, Crime Victim Assistance, and Family Violence Prevention and Services. It is vital that our community is accurately represented in the data, so that we can continue meeting the real need of survivors and their families in Somerset County.

Some people, including survivors, might have questions or reservations about filling out the data. We have included some points below, but you can also visit for more information, and to complete the census

  • The census collects the names, birthdates, gender, and race of people in a residence.
  • There are no questions regarding citizenship or legal status
  • The US Census Bureau is required by law to keep the information collected confidential, and all Census workers take an oath to also uphold this confidentiality
  • If a survivor shares a home or child custody with an abuser, and they either too scared or unable to ask if the census has already been completed, they can go ahead and complete the census online. There are no penalties if there are duplicates in an address, and no notifications go out to anyone who previously completed the form. Census workers will go through and weed out the duplicate answers.
  • The census will be completed mostly online. If a survivor is worried that an abuser is tracking their movement online and would see their address, they can call a census worker to complete the survey over the phone. They will also be mailed a written form, which they can fill out and send in.

Take 5 minutes to Get Counted. Visit to complete the online form today.