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Hope Growing Amidst Crises

At S+SS, we have been dealing with the “crisis within a crisis,” the reality of increased demand for services related to an increase in incidents and the severity of domestic abuse since the beginning of the pandemic. Although we find ourselves still struggling with all of these losses and challenges, just one year later there

SPEAK Outreach & Education

S+SS’s commitment to an abuse-free future is a response to the destruction that domestic violence causes in the lives of individuals, families, and communities. Our SPEAK Outreach and Education program offers research-based and customizable interactive trainings to community groups and schools. While offering information and resources to connect survivors to services, SPEAK trainings empower individuals

Teen Dating Abuse is Real and a Problem for 1 in 3 Teens

Teen dating abuse is just as common and serious as abusive adult relationships. 1 in 3 teens will experience dating abuse before high school graduation. Just like survivors of domestic violence, teens who have been targets of dating abuse often suffer from severe and long-term impacts. Supporting teen survivors of relationship abuse and connecting them