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New Trustees for Domestic Abuse Survivors


Hillsborough, NJ (June 5, 2019) Safe+Sound Somerset is excited to announce the election of the following members to our Board of Trustees: Cassandra Bellfield, AON Consulting, Vice President of Insurance Services; Sateesh Kumar Challa, Deutsche Bank, Vice President; Paul Grzella, Greater Raritan Workforce Development Board, Director; Susan Hutton, IEEE, Sales Director; Patricia Lobell, IKEA, Store Manager; Sonia Rodrigues-Marto, MA, LPC, Rutgers University – Director, School & Community Programs, Center for Interpersonal Wellness, LLC, Co-Owner & Psychotherapist; and Deborah E. Preston, PhD, Raritan Valley `Community College, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost.

“The addition of these talented volunteers expands our board to the largest and most diverse it has been in over a decade. This expansion represents Safe+Sound Somerset’s commitment to continually evolve as an effective 21st century organization working to end domestic abuse once and for all,” according to Michele E. Boronkas, Executive Director.

“It is only through the innovative and ambitious leadership of a robust board of trustees that we can continue to be the progressive voice for domestic abuse survivor services and violence prevention,” said Boronkas. “As we celebrate our fortieth anniversary and look towards the future, we are grateful to board members new and seasoned, past and present for helping S+SS fulfill its mission.”

About Safe+Sound Somerset

Safe+Sound Somerset’s mission is to empower survivors of domestic abuse and engage the community to break the cycle of violence. S+SS is the only private, non-profit agency in Somerset County, New Jersey providing comprehensive services to survivors of domestic abuse and their families. Our trauma-informed, evidence based programs are designed to support and empower victims and their families. Established in 1978, S+SS has continually expanded to now offer a comprehensive range of services designed to support and empower survivors while working towards ending domestic abuse once and for all.

For help or to request additional information about Safe+Sound Somerset’s services, call or text our 24/7 confidential helpline at 866-685-1122. Services are provided free of charge, in a confidential and culturally sensitive environment.

For other information, contact 908-359-0003, ext. 201, [email protected]