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Lena’s Story

Lena and her two daughters entered Safe+Sound Somerset’s confidential safe house after fleeing an unsafe and abusive home. For Lena, leaving home was difficult but she was proud of making the choice to remove herself and her children from an unhealthy environment. The opportunity to build a healthy and loving home brought her hope. 

While Lena attempted to focus on setting goals and taking steps to reach these goals, she began to hear more and more about Coronavirus or COVID-19. At first it seemed like a distant problem and not something for her to worry about. As the days went on, Lena noticed the focus of every news article, report, and even social media post to be centered around this. Her concerns grew and she became worried about her health and safety and the health and safety of her children. How would she keep them safe from something she could not see coming? She was immediately reminded of what it felt like to live in her abusive home, the constant fear and concern about keeping herself and her children safe- never knowing when the “next time” would be. Trying to maintain control in a situation she could not control. 

Lena approached her Case Manager whom she had been working closely with throughout her stay to voice her fears and concerns. She wasn’t sure how she’d be able to practice  social distancing or even keep her kids away from exposure if another resident became ill while sharing common living spaces. A feeling of relief washed over Lena when she was told staff was working to establish alternate, individual safe sheltering where each family could practice social isolation and make decisions for their own health and wellbeing. Knowing this gave her a feeling of control- something she hadn’t experienced in a long time. Staff worked closely with clients to assess their needs and ensure a smooth transition and continued support throughout the entire process. For Lena, knowing that her opinion mattered and her voice was heard reminded her of the strength, power, and resilience she had.   


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At Safe+Sound Somerset – we strive to make decisions based on trauma-informed care. We acknowledge the importance and need to consider each individual story and experience. For us, empowering survivors and staff is paramount. Through collaborative partnerships with the survivors we work with, we are able to support healing, flourishing, and thriving.