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Getting More Than They Give

Below are Anne’s and Yssa’s experiences as volunteers with Safe+Sound Somerset. Along with sharing about giving of their time to support clients, they also talk about the benefits they receive – or what they get – from volunteering. Both Anne and Yssa value volunteering with S+SS, believing that they “get” more than they “give” from helping clients.

Safe+Sound Somerset thanks Anne, Yssa and all of our volunteers for empowering survivors of domestic abuse every day throughout the year.


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If you would like to join Safe+Sound Somerset in its mission to empower survivors of domestic abuse and engage the community to break the cycle of violence, please click the email link below for information about future 40-Hour Domestic Violence volunteer training sessions

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Anne’s Story

To volunteer means to be of service, to give your time and energy to a cause you believe in, and to offer help with no expectation of reward. In working with Safe+Sound of Somerset, I have found that volunteering is a reward in and of itself.

When I first contemplated volunteering, I was nervous. Would I be able to help? Would I get along with the staff? Would I truly have an opportunity to be of use? I am happy to say that all of my concerns were unfounded.

Every staff member has been genuinely welcoming, friendly, and appreciative of my work. It doesn’t feel like I’m going to a job when I volunteer; it feels more like an opportunity to get together with like-minded people to work towards a shared goal. I know I am a valued member of the S+SS team, able to make a difference in my own small way by providing a friendly face and a welcoming attitude for clients and their children. I look forward to many more opportunities to volunteer with Safe+Sound.


Yssa’s Story

It’s been a little over a year since I first began volunteering with Safe+Sound Somerset and I’ve had the pleasure to learn and serve in numerous roles.

One of the very first things I did as a volunteer was help set up the holiday drive with food, warm clothing and toys. Before meeting any clients, I sorted through the cans of corn, bars of soap, and children’s toothbrushes that would soon end up in someone’s home. Later on, I volunteered at the Teen Speak Leadership Camp where very innovative and caring teenagers discussed how their peers could learn about healthy relationships. I’ve also handed out brochures, pens and nail files at community events in order to raise awareness about the prevalence of this issue and to reach people who may need our services the most.

In all these roles the staff members and volunteers I’ve worked with have been some of the most dedicated and kind-hearted people I’ve ever met. Their optimism and wisdom are a source of strength for me when I’m volunteering in more difficult roles and also in my own personal life.

The role that’s challenged me and taught me the most this past year has been working in the new Financial Empowerment Program, which aims to address the financial difficulties found in almost all domestic abuse cases. The program serendipitously launched in my first month as a volunteer and I’ve seen it grow exponentially since then. We’ve held holiday workshops, organized financial wellness bootcamps, and even started a children’s financial literacy program.

The success of our clients in finding housing, finding work, pursuing entrepreneurship, opening a bank account or buying a car for the first time, and increasing their savings and credit scores has made me proud to be part of S+SS and this team. Working hard alongside the other volunteers and our amazing coordinator has been, and will continue to be, an experience that enriches the lives of our clients and pushes volunteers to better versions of ourselves.