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What to Expect: Family Advocacy

What Happens When I Need Family Advocacy Help?

Besides the impact to a survivor’s physical and emotional well-being, domestic abuse also effects a survivor’s ability to care for family. Domestic abuse can impact housing, income, insurance and more, leaving families without the fundamentals of living a stable life. Our Family Advocacy program empowers survivors with the skills and tools to better care for their families.

Your first step in getting connected to Family Advocacy is to reach out to us through Safe+Sound Somerset’s 24/7 Call and Text Hotline at 866-685-1122. Access to all of our services happen by taking this first step.

The hotline advocate answering your call or text will collect your information and submit a referral for Family Advocacy, and any other services you wish to learn more about or access. Once received, a staff member from the Family Advocacy program will call you to discuss your situation.


What to Expect When You Are Contacted

By focusing on the basic needs of survivors and their families, such as access to nutritious foods, supplies like clothing and diapers, childcare, and education, we assist families in achieving new levels of holistic wellbeing in their homes. Through trauma-informed case management our clients established personalized action plans to flourish independently, giving them the ability to leave abuse behind once and for all.

Family Advocates listen, offer support, and provide information and guidance with respect and compassion. All services are confidential and designed to help you navigate the complexities of family life and achieve the best outcomes possible.

When a Family Advocate calls you, they will first make sure you are in a safe and private place, and that the timing is good for you to discuss your circumstances. If you are not in safe place or it’s a bad time to speak, we will make a specified appointment call you back.


What Family Advocacy Includes

The ultimate goes of Family Advocacy are family self-sufficiency and family violence prevention. We will listen to you and collect information about your immediate situation and concerns. On this first call, we will work with you to create an individualized safety plan and a goal-drive family case management plan that considers your specific needs and situation. If needed, Family Advocates can facilitate acquisition of basic needs, such as food, clothing, household supplies and more, to support family stabilization.


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Positive Discipline workshops and groups are also available for parents. These sessions help parents learn important social and life skills in a manner that is deeply respectful and encouraging. Parents leave with new abilities and resources to teach young people to become responsible, respectful and resourceful members of their communities. 

During your meetings with the Family Advocate, you will also receive information about additional resources and services offered by S+SS such as individual and group Counseling, Financial Empowerment and Legal Advocacy. We also have the ability to connect you to resources in the community to help you build a life free from domestic abuse. 

To connect with Family Advocacy or get more information about any of our services, contact Safe+Sound Somerset’s 24/7 Call and Text Hotline at 866-685-1122. Additional information can also be found at