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S+SS Welcomes 2021 with a Redefined Commitment and Reinforced Foundation

The pandemic shook our organization’s operational foundation to it’s core. Our clients, isolated in quarantine with their abusers, now need healing like we’ve never seen before. But we are a trauma-informed, strengths-based organization and the ending to our 2020-story is different than you might think.

Helping Youth Heal from Trauma

We often hear the belief that “domestic violence just affects the two people in the relationship – teens and children don’t see or hear it”– but that simply isn’t true.

Helping Children Who have Experienced Trauma Learn During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbating domestic violence nationwide. At Safe+Sound Somerset, we are seeing an increase in the severity and frequency of violence that our clients are experiencing.

Adverse Childhood Experiences: The Public Health Crisis within the COVID-19 Pandemic

There is no question this pandemic has had devastating consequences for many families. Yet, there is another public health crisis facing our nation’s youth that rarely makes the news and in fact many have not heard of it.

What to Expect: When I Need Shelter in a Crisis

Those reaching out for help come from all walks of life, socioeconomic backgrounds, education levels, ethnicities and sexual orientation. Our services are free of charge, confidential, and provided in the caller’s preferred language.

Anti-Racism Update at Safe+Sound Somerset

We are not only committed to declaring our support of anti-racist movements, but to building an organizational culture that exemplifies one of inclusion, open dialogue, and acceptance.

Violence is Violence: Why Domestic Abuse Prevention Must Be Anti-Racist

Both racial violence and domestic violence use similar tactics and the language of power and control. By understanding how racism impacts our clients, our staff, and our communities at large, we become a stronger and more effective organization.

What to Expect: Family Advocacy

Domestic abuse can impact housing, income, insurance and more, leaving families without the fundamentals of living a stable life. Our Family Advocacy program empowers survivors with the skills and tools to better care for their families.

S+SS Reset Benefits Survivors

In reviewing the three months of services during the onset of the pandemic, we are beyond encouraged by the unanticipated program impact our “COVID-19 Reset” has had on survivors and their children. The outcomes of our COVID-19 Reset include…

What Happens When I Request Counseling Services?

There are several ways to be referred for counseling at Safe+Sound Somerset. We discuss what you can expect when reaching out and walk you through the counseling program process.