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Are You LGBTQ+ and Need DV Services? We Want to Serve You!

By Rebecca Gonedes, MSW, LSW,
Adult/Youth Counselor

During Pride Month, Safe+Sound Somerset is proud to share how we work to make LGBTQ+ individuals – and everyone else who comes to us for safety, healing and hope – feel accepted. Following is a list of some of the ways and things we do to make the LGBTQ+ community feel welcome:

  • First and foremost, we strive to be non-judgmental, allowing clients to tell us how they identify and share their experience as an LGBTQ+ individual, rather than making assumptions.

  • We provide an affirmative, inclusive, and respectful environment for all clients.

  • We treat all clients fairly and provide equal access to services, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression.

  • We recognize, understand and tackle the unique challenges that LGBTQ+ survivors face, including the use of LGBTQ+ status as a means of control (e.g., being outed to family, work, etc.).

  • We use inclusive and gender-neutral language both in speech and in paperwork.

  • We ask open-ended questions to not exclude identification types (such as sexual orientation, gender identity, gender at birth, etc.)

  • We provide written Client Rights outlining the client’s right to freedom from discrimination based on many criteria, including sexual orientation/preference.

  • We have developed and employed non-gendered and a Same-Sex Power and Control Wheels and utilize LGBTQ+ specific DV resources to address all relationship types.

  • We provide ongoing training of staff on topics including special considerations for diverse populations, expanded knowledge about sexual orientation and gender identity, and more.

  • We are one of the few DV organizations in New Jersey providing emergency shelter to all, and our Safe House includes non-gendered restrooms.

  • We provide a welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ clients at our facilities with unisex restrooms, posting of the organization’s non-discrimination policy, and more!

Anyone who is in need of support related to experiencing domestic violence, including those who identify as LGBTQ+ can contact Safe+Sound Somerset’s 24/7 call and text hotline at 866-685-1122 to access our extensive services. Information is also available at