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Anti-Racism Commitment

“Everything is either racist or anti-racism, there is no in between.”   

Ibram X. Kendi 


This past weekend, we were again confronted with the visible disregard for black life with the murder of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta. Once again, we stand witness to the violent trauma of racism, amidst the backdrop of the grieving and continued public calls for justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmed Aubrey and the too many others whose lives were cut short by the violent misuse of individual power and oppressive control of racist systems.  

“What has happened to you?” is the driving question of our values and our work, as a trauma-informed organization. At Safe+Sound Somerset it is our belief that every individual is valued and deserves to be Seen, Heard and Supported. All too often, when working with survivors healing from abuse, we see that their abuse related trauma is rooted and interconnected with their experiences of systemic racism, personal discrimination and unseen (mostly to the white eye) daily micro-aggressions based on the color of their skin.    

Safe+Sound Somerset stands with the black community. We see you. We hear you. We stand with you holding space for your pain, your truth and your power. Our commitment to anti-racism is synonymous with our commitment to ending domestic and intimate partner abuse as the two are inextricably intertwined.

Like domestic violence, racism is rooted in complex and exploitive histories and goes unseen by those in systems of privilege and supremacy. If we are not working to be anti-racist, then we are complicit in keeping those systems of violence and oppression in place. We will not stay silent. Safe+Sound Somerset will continue to work to uphold the values at the core of our mission – to end violence in all forms. As such,

  • We commit to anti-racism practice that will be reflected in the life and culture of our organization through our policies, programs and practices as we continue to build our resolve.
  • We commit to ongoing training and education to adopt an integrated practice of anti-racism as a core value of our organization.
  • We commit to centering the voices and needs of individuals of color in our work with our team, survivors, volunteers and our communities.
  • We commit to the practice of anti-racism with our external partners, collaborators and relationships. Speaking out for racial equity, social justice and leaning-in to hard conversations to dismantle all forms of prejudice and racism when we encounter them in our work with survivors, community partners and systems.