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What Happens When a Domestic Violence Liaison is Contacted?

The purpose of our Domestic Violence Liaison program is to increase the safety of and improve outcomes for children and their non-offending parent/caregiver in domestic violence situations. Find out more about what happens if DCP&P calls in a S+SS DVL and how we can help.

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SPEAK Outreach & Education

S+SS’s commitment to an abuse-free future is a response to the destruction that domestic violence causes in the lives of individuals, families, and communities. Our SPEAK Outreach and Education program offers research-based and customizable interactive trainings to community groups and schools. While offering information and resources to connect survivors to services, SPEAK trainings empower individuals

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Teen Dating Abuse is Real and a Problem for 1 in 3 Teens

Teen dating abuse is just as common and serious as abusive adult relationships. 1 in 3 teens will experience dating abuse before high school graduation. Just like survivors of domestic violence, teens who have been targets of dating abuse often suffer from severe and long-term impacts. Supporting teen survivors of relationship abuse and connecting them

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