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What to Expect: Family Advocacy

Domestic abuse can impact housing, income, insurance and more, leaving families without the fundamentals of living a stable life. Our Family Advocacy program empowers survivors with the skills and tools to better care for their families.

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S+SS Reset Benefits Survivors

In reviewing the three months of services during the onset of the pandemic, we are beyond encouraged by the unanticipated program impact our “COVID-19 Reset” has had on survivors and their children. The outcomes of our COVID-19 Reset include…

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What Happens When I Request Counseling Services?

There are several ways to be referred for counseling at Safe+Sound Somerset. We discuss what you can expect when reaching out and walk you through the counseling program process.

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Why Do Survivors Stay?

‘Leaving’ is a complex issue that each survivor of domestic abuse must navigate based on their own set of personal circumstances. As a family member, friend or professional, we must offer our understanding and support to a survivor without judgement. 

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Leaving During COVID-19

The pandemic has exacerbated many of the challenges that survivors of domestic abuse face as they plan to end an abusive relationship. The fear of COVID-19 and its impacts may lead a survivor to worry about increased exposure, making leaving the relationship seem dangerous, impossible, or not-worth-the-risk.

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