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Is Your Teen Impacted by Trauma? How to Tell and What to Do.

Do we have a stereotype when we think of trauma? What if we think about the boy on our child’s soccer team we say is ‘trouble’ and does poorly in school? The teen at our place of worship who is ‘too quiet’ and can’t look you in the eye? A friend’s daughter that has a

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Guiding Today’s Preteens and Teens Towards Healthy Romantic Relationships

Simply put, abuse is a pattern of behaviors used to gain power and control over another person in a dating relationship. It can take on many forms, including physical, emotional, sexual, financial, verbal, digital, and stalking.

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Press Release: #AskAva Podcast to Answer Questions about Teen Dating Abuse

Hillsborough, NJ (February 6, 2020) – In recognition of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month during February, Safe+Sound Somerset is launching the #AskAva podcast today. The #AskAva series, developed by teens in our SPEAK Teen Leadership Camps, is designed to connect with and educate youth about teen dating abuse and healthy relationships.

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