Safe Isn’t Just a Concept to Us

Dear Friend,

I hope this letter finds you and your loved ones healthy, safe and well.

One year ago, nobody could have imagined what we’d be writing about today. In just a few short months, everything has changed – your home, work, school, everyday life. Life has also drastically changed for the
clients we serve at Safe+Sound Somerset day in and day out. We already know that domestic violence is often hidden behind closed doors, but this year has made those doors close even tighter. Every day Safe+Sound Somerset is here to help survivors open the door to the life of safety they deserve, strengthening them to face whatever challenges the world at large holds. Safe isn’t just a concept for us; safe is the first word in our name and safety is what we strive to provide to every client.

The pandemic has created new challenges many survivors of domestic abuse face as they plan to end an abusive relationship. But Safe+Sound Somerset’s support of our clients has been constant. From March
through September 2020, compared with the same timeframe during 2019, Safe+Sound Somerset has seen a significant increase in contact to our Crisis Hotline which is reflective of the need for all of our resources. During these uncertain times, Safe+Sound Somerset has pivoted to address the changing obstacles for survivors, including: implementing innovative ways to reach people who might need our services; having our 24/7 Call and Text hotline staffed with trained professionals; working with survivors to develop personalized safety plans that consider COVID-19 concerns; taking additional steps to assure the security of clients sheltered in our emergency Safe House; and through our Financial Empowerment Center, having our new Housing First services connect survivors with sustainable independent housing.

It’s likely abundantly clear to you what home can and should be: a place of safety, a place of kindness, a place of validation. A place that, when you close the door from an uncertain world with new challenges, you will not face a threat within your own four walls: be it physical,
emotional, sexual or financial. However, clients who come to
Safe+Sound Somerset do not have that safe and secure home. We
ensure they get the support they need, whether it’s providing them
with safe housing, counseling, referrals or helping them to make their
existing home safe. that we can continue to carry out our programs and services which provide safety and security for those who are looking to create a safe home in this or any year.

Would you please consider a gift at this time? During this holiday season, we all yearn for the warmth of home. Your gift can help our survivors of domestic violence achieve the safety and  security they deserve.

Wishing you a joyous holiday season.

With gratitude,
Michele E. Boronkas
Executive Director

Make a Gift

P.S. There’s another great reason to make a gift to Safe+Sound Somerset
today. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES)
Act has a provision that increases tax incentives for charitable giving
for cash contributions made during 2020. There are new deductions
available for many filers.