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Safe+Sound Somerset is proud of its highly dedicated and qualified team of diverse professionals and volunteers. Whether an advocate in our emergency shelter, a counselor, an administrative staff member or an advocate that provides support to clients in court, each of us share a commitment to empowering survivors and engaging the community to end abuse.

Board of Trustees

Trudy Doyle, President

Somerset Executive County Superintendent of Schools, (Retired)

“I chose Safe + Sound Somerset because I believe that everyone deserves respect and safety in relationships and I wish to help fulfill the agency’s mission to provide help, hope, support and safety to survivors of abuse who need us.”


Sheila Breeding, Vice President

Allstate NJ, Human Resource Manager (Retired)

“We must fight cultural blindness to domestic violence in our neighborhoods, towns and in the workplace. Silence is complicity. We’ve all got to find our voice and speak out.”


Susan Sturges Spagnola, Esq., Secretary

JP Morgan Chase (Retired)

“While in law school, I had a summer internship at legal aid where my assignment was studying the incidence of domestic violence and the effectiveness of orders of protection. The number of incidents was staggering. It exposed me to a world that I never knew existed—a world I wanted to help change. Now, years later, hopefully I am.”


James Berg, CPA, Treasurer

Senior Manager, WithumSmith+Brown, PC

“It is the responsibility of each of us to take a stand against domestic abuse. By working together, our voice becomes more powerful and we can help break the cycle of violence.”


Cassandra Bellfield

AON Consulting, Vice President

“After losing a family member to domestic violence, I knew that Safe + Sound was an organization I wanted to be a part of. Seeing the impact they’ve made on many survivors lives is empowering. I look forward to contributing towards their work in my community to help those in need.”


Sateesh Kumar Challa

Deutsche Bank, Vice President

“I strongly believe in giving back through projects that provide enriching experiences for all community members. I am truly inspired by the diversity of the clients and communities served by Safe+Sound Somerset.”


Denise Coyle, Esq.


“We must all take responsibility to bring about change; to keep our friends, neighbors and colleagues safe from domestic violence.”


Diane English

Friends of the Shelter, President

I believe that every person has the right to live an autonomous life. I’ve focused my volunteer services to provide victims of domestic abuse the tools to live a life free of the fear of being victimized by another human being.”


Annette Geller

Allstate NJ, Human Resource Manager

“We need to ensure that all are educated about the insidious nature of domestic violence. It is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.”


Paul Grzella

Greater Raritan Workforce Development Board, Director

“I have witnessed how the generosity of others and the work of organizations like Safe+Sound Somerset can have a huge impact on vulnerable populations within our local communities.”


Susan Hutton

IEEE, Sales Director

“A few years ago before joining the Board, I attended a fundraiser for the organization. That night I had the opportunity and privilege to sit at a table with two women who “had been saved” (their words) by Safe+Sound Somerset.  Hearing their stories of struggle and successes made it very clear that this organization is making a positive difference in peoples’ lives.”


Patricia Lobell

IKEA, Store Manager

“Although I have not personally experienced domestic violence, as the store manager in Brooklyn I had several co-workers who did experience it. My wish and hope is that by working with the organization I can contribute is some small way to helping those directly in my local community who are impacted by domestic abuse.”


Deborah E. Preston, PhD

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Raritan Valley Community College

“As I learned more about the organization, I discovered a number of ways in which the work of Safe+Sound fits with my philosophy of service. The need to reach young adults of college age resonates with my professional goal of removing barriers to education. My personal interest in empowering women, people of color, and other disenfranchised populations aligns perfectly with the mission of the organization.”


Sonia Rodrigues-Marto, MA, LPC

Rutgers University – Director, School & Community Programs

Center for Interpersonal Wellness, LLC, Co-Owner & Psychotherapist

“As a psychotherapist whose primary area of practice is working with women and children who have been exposed to trauma, Safe+Sound Somerset’s mission is very much aligned with my professional interests and commitment to serve underserved populations. I am especially committed to working with children and families to promote a sense of safety and support for all, especially immigrant and underserved populations.”

A Note From the Executive Director

A Note From the Executive Director

Michele E. Boronkas, Executive Director

Michele comes to us with an extensive background in leadership positions in New Jersey and in Somerset County in particular. She most recently was the Executive Director for the Workforce Training Center at Raritan Valley Community College, where she worked to launch the new Workforce Training Center. As Executive Director for the New Jersey State Employment and Training Commission, she worked to create innovative and progressive workforce training policies and investment strategies to benefit individuals and employers in the State. Furthermore, her experience with the American Cancer Society, Somerset County United Way and Women’s Health and Counseling Center solidified her successful record in program development, fundraising and organizational development successes.